Our performances for our members

Lohnsteuer Hilfe-Ring Deutschland e.V (LHRD one of the largest supraregional wage tax help organizations is in the Federal Republic of Germany and consists since 1969). It still want the performances of the LHRD for its members to become these (and everyone):

General wage tax support and consultation

Applications for wage tax reduction under consideration of the current law stateas well as applications on -- home owner allowance -- child allowance, investment allowance according to § 3 & 4 InvZulG 99 Preparing the income tax return at earnings from not independent work or income from the legal pension scheme.

maintenance performances

earnings from letting out and lease (letting out of a flat or lease a garage)

earnings from capital assets (interest, Dividenteneinnahmen) other earnings

private alienation transactions (speculative gains)

from this 9,000. € uro or 18,000. € do not exceed uro with together assessed husbands and no turnover taxable takings are available provided that the takings.
Preparing the income tax return at self-used house or flat property (§ 10 e EStG)

Calculating the expected tax refund

Check of the tax assessment

Inserting of objections

Legal protection by representation in front of the finance courts and the Federal Finance Court

Our tax consultancy for employee is, therefore organized the concept wage tax help organization in organization form.

You pay merely an annual membership subscription for all performances in the 1st year plus a low enrolment fee.
These funds are tax deductible and this means also less who less earns pays, graded socially.

For almost 30 years more than 180,000 members have trusted us meanwhile. Find our advice centres nationwide, our employees work reliably conscientiously and discreetly.