Advice and help with your income-tax return
( within the framework of a membership )

We offer:

Use of tax-advantages after advice through our well trained consultants.
We help you with your claim for Refund of Income Tax Return, including support for owner-occupied living space, (house or appartement).
We now also assist you on revenues from capital assets, ( for example interests).
We calculate your tax-reimbursement, before you even file your claim.
Apply for own home extra pay and even more benefits if you have children.
Application for children ‘s allowance (Kindergeld).
We check tax assessments and other notifications from tax authorities for correctness.
Lodge appeals, if necessary, like filing objections and lodging complaints ( finance court).
Apply for wage-tax-reduction, like tax allowance on your wage-tax-card
We assist you on how to choose the right tax bracket, which benefits you the most.
Propositions for exemption on revenues from capital assets.
We consult you about pension fund contracts (plan) with property bonus and children’s benefit.

We offer all of this within the framework of a membership, exclusively if you have earnings from the following:
- non-independent work including pensions and business-pensions
- lawful and private pensions as well as payment of maintenance.

For this case also with:
- earnings from capital assets (for example interest-revenues)
- earnings from rental and leasing ( for instance rental of residential-property or leasing of property).
- other earnings, (for example income from private sales of stocks and shares), provided the revenues don’t exceed 13.000 EUR as well as 26.000 EUR in the case of  an  joined assessment with spouses. And if there are no existing turnovers, which are sales-tax-compulsory.

Steffen Branse -advice centre head-

We have the trust of our members for 40 years. We are the ideal conversation-partner For employees, jobseekers, retirees and pensioners. We put in our knowledge and our experience to your advantage.
All services are contained in a socially graded membership fee. Membership can be cancelled at any time.